Everything we do at The Helpful Brand, and in our Online School The Helpful Academy, is based around helping you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

We have developed a unique tool to help us do that *efficiently* called The Business of Smart Systems (BOSS) Process.

How The BOSS Process Works…



And within 30 minutes it will give you a 25-page report showing what level your current business is operating at in over 30 areas.  It also outlines suggestions of what key actions to take to improve the areas your business doesn’t score well in. 

The BOSS Test assesses 8 fundamental areas of your business. Each area is broken down further. See the full breakdown and details here.

fundamentals of business BOSS Test


During this 60-minute coaching session with one of our specialist BOSS Consultants, we will learn about your unique business needs and go through your report with you in detail. Together we’ll identify the areas that are an immediate priority from those that can wait for development.

By the end of the session, you should have a sketch of your immediate action plan.

BOSS Test debrief


Implementation and regular reviews are the most crucial part of the BOSS Process. After your debrief session we’ll put together a package of how we can help you, or, we’ll make recommendations of how you can best DIY your action plan.

Usually, we’ll recommend a combination of coaching/review sessions, with implementation and training to give you the strongest plan.

BOSS Test Implementation


(It’s currently FREE!)

What people are saying…

Operate more efficiently

Complete the test... you will thank me

Kat just gets business and entrepreneurs at a level that most would love to. Based on this high-level view she has created the Boss Test which allows business owners/entrepreneurs to see the gaps and from that, a solution is provided to make what may be simple changes. 
If you are operating at a profitable level and looking to grow but not sure why you’re not moving forward, then please connect with Kat, complete the test and then engage the services of this amazing mentor. 
You will thank me.” 

Terri Christine Billington  |  Founder  |  TCB Coaching

Operate more efficiently

Feeling so much more positive

I recently took the BOSS Test and I was super impressed. The test is very thorough and I loved the multiple choice answering system. Just taking the test was a great reflection for me and my business.
The report I immediately received is detailed and provides so many great tips and advice for me to implement. I can’t wait to start working through these!
I also had a follow up strategy session with Kat to discuss the report and I’ve already come away feeling so much more positive about my business and what I need to do and focus on going forward. Kat is so lovely to work with, is full of great ideas and advice and really knows her stuff!” 

Alana Steyn |  Owner |  Mud Mates

Operate more efficiently

It made me think about areas of the business I might not focus on normally

“The BOSS Test was so simple to take. As the Operations Manager of the business rather than the business owner, it made me think about areas of the business I might not focus on normally. I really liked the end report, full of useful pointers to getting the business compliant. Wonderful service, I would highly recommend!””

Sally Harris |  Operations Manager |  Freedom Mobility


Thank God for Kat Soper and her BOSS Test

This week has been frustrating seeing and experiencing how poorly the business is set up. From me doing it all myself and remembering it all – to sharing the load and still having mostly everything either in my head or Chads, it’s getting pretty frustrating and tough. Thank God for Kat Soper and her Boss test then coaching call to sort my stuff out and get on track like a real professional.”

Kirstyn Campbell |  Owner |  KC Fit


(It’s currently FREE!)