You’ve got that awesome thing, with all the great stuff, but you’re not selling enough of it.

You #needsomemoresales from the magic sales gods!

We can help you create a kickass sales plan, and help you implement everything you need to make it a success.

While we recognise that not everyone’s first priority is necessarily earning a bajillion dollars, healthy sales revenue is an essential part of all businesses.

Here’s how we help you make more sales:

Step 1 _ Working out how to improve your business | The Helpful Brand


There are many reasons you might not be achieving the sales you want. It could be that you have:

  • A traffic problem (in other words – you’re trying to sell a secret!)
  • A conversion problem
  • A follow-up problem
  • A difficult check-out process
  • Something crucial is broken (trust us – it’s more common than you’d think)
  • All of the above or something else entirely

To give us a full picture, we like to take a two-pronged approach to identify what your biggest sales weakness is:

  1. We put you through our unique Business Health Check.
    This very quick and easy process provides us with an in-depth analysis of your business, and a comprehensive report so that we establish a starting point.
  2. We interview you and gather all the data.
Step 2_ We design a plan


Once we know the blocks, or gaps, we can set about designing a kick-ass customer journey to turn your likes into leads, and convert your leads into sales.

This gives you a one-page visual of the entire process.

> You can book a Sales Flow Strategy Session here <

Step 3_ We design the promotion plan


A Promotion Plan is a plan to promote one of your solutions, to create a specific amount of revenue in a specific amount of time (usually we do 90 days).

It is THE most effective way to fill your new sales pipeline with leads and generate a cash injection into your business.

The options for creating a Promotion Plan are:

  1. Take our Promote like a BOSS Masterclass and fully DIY your plan
  2. Take our Promote like a BOSS, then book a Promotion Strategy Session with us to review your plan and make sure you’ve covered all bases.
  3. Book a full Promotion strategy session with us, and have a full done-with-you solution.
STEP 4 _ Take Action and Implement


This is THE most important step, as, without this step, nothing will change!

We can help you implement in many ways depending on your goals and budget:

Want to completely DIY it?
Go for it.
We’ll be here cheering you on!

Want to use the resources in our Online Training Centre?
Great, we’ll recommend which one to work on first.

Our online courses start from as little as $47 NZD (+ GST if applicable)

Want some accountability to keep you on track?
Our 90-day coaching plans will provide you with support, training, and accountability so that you can keep that momentum going.

Our coaching plans start at $297 NZD (+ GST if applicable) per month

Want some help implementing your plan or even have it completely done FOR you?
We offer many implementation services, or, can match you with one of our expert partners so that you can accelerate your growth by outsourcing.

Implementation plans start at $997 NZD (+ GST if applicable) per month

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