You’re an entrepreneur and you have big dreams. We love people like you, and what we live for is helping you achieve those extraordinary goals!

In order to achieve your goals, you need a kick-a** plan. Not one of those documents that you pay someone to help you write and then file away in a drawer. We’re talking about a living, breathing, action plan that you refer to weekly. Because unless you’re using it, and measuring your actions against it, it will be useless to you.

Here’s the process we go through with you:



Before we start designing a plan, our first step in the process is assessing where you are now. Then you have a line in the sand with which to measure from.

We also like to explore your WHY with you – as, without a clear reason why you want to succeed, it’s hard to succeed. Then, we can write down specifically what you’d like to achieve, when you’d like to achieve it by, work a plan backwards from there and accurately measure progress.

We find this is best done as a half-day workshop with plenty of time to get away from the daily demands of the business and be creative with your thinking.



Once your goals are clear, we can work with you on creating your kick-a** action plan. We like to create a 12-month plan, work it backwards into themes/promotion plans for each quarter, then break the tasks down into months and weeks.

It sounds complicated but it’s really quite simple. Once it’s set up, you’ll have a set of tasks to complete each week and know that as long as you achieve those each week you’re on track to achieving your extraordinary goals.

We work with you to put your action plan into your project/task management tool of choice so that you can refer to it daily to stay on track.



We know how easy it is to start with the best of intentions but struggle to follow through when the daily demands of the business do their best to derail you. Once you’ve got your action plan, the most important step is regular review and measurement of how you’re going.

To help you have the best success, we offer a variety of coaching and accountability plans to help you stay on track with your plan. During these sessions, we review the previous week/fortnight/month and ensure you’re clear on your goals for the next period. We also ensure that we’re measuring progress in tangible ways.

What people are saying…

Seemed like a far-fetched dream... now a reality

Working from home, and more specifically finding a role that worked around my family seemed like a far-fetched dream… However, Kat’s coaching has made this a reality for me. I am now successfully managing to virtually assist my clients both from my own home and while out and about, providing me with much-needed income.” 

Melanie Zimmerman 

Thank God for Kat Soper and her Coaching

This week has been frustrating seeing and experiencing how poorly the business is set up. From me doing it all myself and remembering it all – to sharing the load and still having mostly everything either in my head or Chads, it’s getting pretty frustrating and tough. Thank God for Kat Soper and her Boss test then coaching call to sort my stuff out and get on track like a real professional.”

Kirstyn Campbell |  KC Fit

I know what I need to focus on going forward

I recently took the BOSS Test and I was super impressed…
I also had a follow up strategy session with Kat to discuss the report and I’ve already come away feeling so much more positive about my business and what I need to do and focus on going forward. Kat is so lovely to work with, is full of great ideas and advice and really knows her stuff!” 

Alana Steyn |  Mud Mates