Who do we help?

We help successful entrepreneurs and business owners who desire to scale their business do that sustainably.

  • Usually, clients come to us because they feel frustrated with where they’re at. There’s a disconnect between where their business is and where they want it to be, and they want help to grow and achieve their business goals.
  • They may be feeling burnt out, and be ready to automate/streamline so that they can free up their time.
  • Want to move from a paper-based system to an online cloud-based system.
  • They may have outgrown a system, and need help sourcing or implementing a new system to help with the next phase of growth.

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand so we are on GMT +12 time zone, but we can work with clients anywhere in the world.

Why we do what we do

We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve extraordinary results!

The way we do that is by helping them measure where they are at, identifying how they can improve on how they do things now, and training them how to use innovative systems that they can grow sustainably and do more of what they love.

How we work

To help us serve you in the most efficient way possible, we follow a set process


We help you get a measure of where you’re at in your business currently, by putting you through our unique Business of Smart Systems (BOSS) Test.  At the end of the Test, you will receive a 25-page report which will identify at a glance where you most need help first.


We meet with you for a BOSS Report debrief meeting. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other and for you to tell us about your business. We will learn which areas are causing you the most stress and identify whether there are any quick wins.


We provide you with a proposal menu of how we can best help you achieve your goals or connect you with specialists from our Business Group (as applicable). We will also make recommendations of the order of priority we suggest.


Once your individual BOSS plan is underway, progress is tracked regularly with review and strategy update meetings (at least monthly). We also recommend retesting every 6 months to monitor system improvement.

Meet our team

Kat Soper – CEO and Head BOSS Consultant

Kat Soper is the Founder of The Helpful Brand and creator of The BOSS Test, a highly valuable tool for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses measure the level their systems are at. Kat’s superpower is helping businesses make sense of all the moving parts within their business, recommend and help owners implement innovative systems that will help them scale sustainably. She’s passionate about helping people work efficiently and with less stress so that they can get back to doing what they love to do best.


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kat soper

Neil Soper – Systems technician and trainer

Neil Soper joined The Helpful Brand in 2018 and brings a wealth of high-level corporate management experience to complement Kat’s entrepreneurial and private sector experience. His genius lies in fixing broken systems, tinkering to make systems better, and training people how to use them most effectively. Neil is the behind-the-scenes-and-make-stuff-happen kind of guy.


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Neil Soper

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