WHO ARE THE HELPFUL BRAND? And what do we do?

We are all about helping people achieve their goals The way we do that is by using SMART Systems

The Helpful Brand was established in 2015 by Kat Soper, a leading Business Consultant. Since then we have successfully helped dozens of Business Owners & Individuals feel organised and under control, and get on track to achieve their goals, by helping them learn and implement SMART systems.

Helping people achieve success by sharing our knowledge is at the very core of what we do.

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We use systems to achieve success because systems work.

By automating processes, creating standard operating procedures, and by implementing cloud-based systems, greater efficiency and productivity are achieved. Stress loads are reduced because people are more competent and sure of their next task.

Greater profitability is then achieved as a by-product.

WHO DO WE HELP? We help both Businesses and Individuals


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Every month we release helpful resources designed to help entrepreneurs (and their team) learn and implement time-saving, efficient business systems. We provide FREE checklists, workbooks, courses and articles, all designed to give you step-by-step systems help and make your life easier. Browse the selection below. Subscribe to ensure you never miss a new-release.


Our methodology is based on the 8 Business Fundamentals. We believe that all businesses must have these 8 things to form a solid foundation.

THE 5 levels of Business plain

The Leveling-up Process

Our training is about being strategic to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability. For most businesses, this means growing or levelling-up.

We recognise 5 business levels. 

We have modelled our business levels off the first five levels from Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Spectrum Levels. Our framework breaks each part of a business down into key functions and uses criteria to rank the functions according to their level. The colour coding makes it very easy for our clients and students to see at a glance how their business is doing in each part of their business.

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Implementing SMART Systems

When we refer to SMART business systems, we are talking about planning systems strategically. They need to be scalable, measurable, affordable, realistic and teachable. SMART systems also need to talk to each other.

It’s important to realise, that a system may be SMART for one level of business, but not for the next. This is because as a business grows, its needs change.

We work with our clients to map out their systems, make sure there is no unnecessary double entering, plan for growth and make sure systems are compatible with each other.


Due to the success of our Business Warrant of Fitness Framework, we developed a Framework for helping people achieve their personal goals. This is called ‘Create Your Own Awesome’ System.

‘Create Your Own Awesome’ is a 12-month coaching program based on 10 parts of life.

The Motivated Mum’s Club is founder Kat Soper’s passion project. As a Mum herself, she’s passionate about empowering and inspiring Mum’s to achieve their personal goals. 

The MMC is an inspirational and supportive group of Mum’s, working together to achieve their goals, encouraging and supporting each other. Learn more.

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